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artist paul talbot gives you an insight into what makes him  laugh, think and tick.


there might be something that will make you laugh, go aha or blush!


the making of his contemporary quirky art displays aspects of his life and the world around him that gives him inspiration.


mainly working with acrylic on canvas his work adds simplicity to a recognisable image, where text can be an integral part of the artwork itself or a mechanism to carry an idea.


edgy, quirky, humorous images using limited colour palettes convey thoughts we all have, places we have been and comments we could have made. my work, i hope, works on several simple levels; emotional response, compositional balance, mark making, humour and at times, create that ‘ah ha!’ moment.


owing to career and family commitments i have not been able to follow my passion of painting for many years until a friend, which has resulted in me painting and drawing again, made a challenge. my work is primarily based on experiences both past and present. it explores bold imagery and intimate studies, which draw the viewer to take a closer look. the use of text gives an insight to elements of my recollections and humorous nature. often, titles for a piece are thought of first and images follow.


there are two main aspects to my work, at present: acrylic paintings on canvas and graphite drawings. i work with an ever changing palette to give visual impact almost graphical, but look closely and there is movement on the surface. more recently, however, i have been working with different materials and approaches, looking at quality of craftsmanship combined with a surprise element.


i must admit, i do like to swear! and use my work as a vehicle for this; the expletive series is ongoing. 

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