Paul Talbot is currently working from a little space in the garage of his rented house. He will be moving up to Yorkshire in August and hopefully with open views, clear air and new adventures it really will have an impact on his artwork.


Paul Talbot works within Education, he will be starting a new role as an art teacher in Huddersfield in September, this is a return to where his teaching began. After years of Senior management, Deputy Head role, Head of 6th Form and working in Special Educational Needs his desire to teaching the subject he loves.




Owning a work of art is a pleasure made ever more so if that work is completely unique.


You may have previously purchased art or have been unsuccessful in finding the piece that is “just right”.   If this is the case then why not commission a work direct from an artist ?


Paul Talbot can create a work for you that is personal and totally unique, it will be specifically produced for you and your requirements. The perfect piece for your home or office.


It can be an indulgent treat for yourself or a perfect gift for a loved one. You may also be very surprised at just how affordable it is too.


So why not take the first step to owning a totally unique piece of art and contact him for further details