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A Room with a View

Following my current creative indulgence during the Covid19 Lockdown I have been revitalised into painting again. Using a little space etched in the garage (currently renting a house post sale/pre purchase) where there is a mixture of useful/not-so-useful items stored from floor to ceiling I have been working on a series of works...

Lockdown - 'Looking through the Trees'.

Having the opportunity to 'go out' once a day - walking our dog (blind, old and Diabetic) we had the unusual pleasure of being able to take our time and I really found myself looking instead of just hastily glancing at things. Walking around an area that we hadn't really explored despite living here for 20 years or more, gave a few surprises and more importantly inspiration to paint again.

It has been a great pleasure to paint again, have the time to ponder colour, positioning and reflecting that 'moment in time'.

The series is underway - possibly 6 although it could extend to 9

The painting Lockdown 'Looking through the trees' #2 Celandine was recently purchased and now resides in Holland.

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